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Buzz Killer In Action for Spot Leveling a High Fret

Posted by admin on March 2nd, 2014

This is the Buzz Killer, by Rectify Master at www.rectifymaster.com.  Its basically an incredibly cool little tool that lets you knock down high frets without having to remove the strings from the guitar, and allows you to keep the correct neck relief since the strings are tuned up to pitch.   The unit will follow the slight curve of  a properly set up guitar neck by tightening the center thumb screw, which pulls both ends up just slightly, creating a curved bottom where the sandpaper is glued on.  The sandpaper can be in just the center or across the whole bottom of the “beam” depending on how many frets need to be knocked down.

I had seen this groovy device in the shop of Greg Bach from Buzz Feiten Tuning sometime last year.  I finally got around to ordering it online, and within a week of receiving it I had the perfect guitar come in to use the Buzz Killer.  The electric guitar in question was brand new, hot off the press, from a boutique manufacture.  It looked great, sounded good for the most part, and the owner really liked the guitar, BUT….the hi E and B strings would just completely fret out and turn to mush at the first fret.   This wasn’t just a little buzz, this was a complete deadening of the note.

The action was really, really low but the rest of the fretboard sounded fine.   The string nut checked out fine,  and the neck relief was good.  Only thing left to check were the fret heights.  That’s when I found that the second fret was MUCH higher than any of the other frets.  In fact the rest of the frets were nice and level.  In this case a full fret leveling would not only be overkill but also way more work and higher charge to the customer than necessary.

The Buzzer Killer was perfect for the task, slipping under the strings within a minute I had the offending fret leveled with its two neighbors and the guitar sounded awesome already.  I did loosen the strings and pull them aside to round and polish that fret, but the whole job took a lot less time that it would have otherwise, and I could sand only the fret necessary, not all its neighbors too.  Good for me and good for my customer. Buzz Killer



FOR SALE page added to the website!!

Posted by admin on January 20th, 2014

Hello Everyone. Hope you are all having a fantastic New Year!!!   In that spirit we have added a new page to our website titled: FOR SALE.    You will find listed there various items all dealing with guitar parts, guitar building, and music gear that we are willing to part with (for a price) here in the shop.  If you see anything you are interested in, contact us for more info, any questions or to make an appt to meet and inspect the item.  Hope to hear from you all soon, and check back periodically as new items will be listed monthly.