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“Funky” DeArmond Wah Pedal Repair

Posted by admin on March 30th, 2015

John from the band A Certain Groove,  called the other day asking if I could install a new potentiometer into his new Ebay purchase, a late 70′s DeArmond Weeper Wah pedal.  I had never seen one before but had him bring it over to see if we could handle the repair.  He had the new part and after inspecting the pedal it looked to be a fairly straightforward job.

Basically most wah pedals use a potentiometer that has a knurled gear on the end of the shaft that engages with a plastic toothed rack that is tied to the foot rocker.  When you are rocking back and forth with your foot in the funkiest of grooves, that rack is turning the potentiometer to allow for that variable opening of the mid and high frequencies.  Mix that in with some killer 16th note skankification and you are well on your way to Funk O’Delic Nirvana.  Eventually though that pot wears out after so much constant usage and/or dirt and corrosion getting into it.  Then you may start to hear a scratching sound when using the wah pedal, which is a major buzzkill.  Not to worry, just time to replace that potentiometer.  Just confirm the rating of the original pot, (usually 100k) and order one online from a trusted guitar parts supplier.

John’s groovy wah pedal came out great after installing the new pot.  The DeArmond has a really sweet tone and does not reach that super hi frequency point that so many crybaby style wah pedals do on the most forward sweep of the rocker.  Here is John in the shop after testing the unit out, and also a Youtube video demoing the pedal.



If you get the chance check out his band at the following website for a gig near you.  www.acertaingroove.com


Guitar Setup Feedback from Everly Music

Posted by admin on February 28th, 2015

Right around the time of the NAMM 2015 show last month, Jeremy at Everly Music, manufacturers of Cleartone Strings, gave me a call about getting some help with his gigging guitar, a mid 2000′s Gibson SG.   Having done setups for the folks over there before on some of their demo guitars, he knew I could handle the job.  I will let Jeremy explain the situation:

Maurice works magic on guitars! I’m so amazed at how my guitar plays. I gave him my guitar recently that had terrible buzzing issues and intonation issues across much of the fretboard. I just got my guitar back and wow! Not only am I able to play for much longer without my hand getting tired, he completely eliminated buzzing in all the trouble spots, the intonation is perfect and the sustain is longer than I remember it ever being! There is a good reason Maurice has been our go-to guy for our guitar setups for years. No matter what shape your guitar is in right now, give it to Maurice for a second opinion. You’ll be amazed when you get your guitar back, I promise you that.Thanks Maurice!”

At the Cleartone Strings shipping area, this Gibson SG is ready for priimetime

At the Cleartone Strings shipping area, this Gibson SG is ready for priimetime



So if you feel your guitar could be giving you more with less effort, bring it over and we can have a look.  Thanks again!